Why Your Kids Need to Jump Into a Pile of Leaves

We all remember this scene playing out as children; the weather would change the temperature outside would drop and the leaves on the big tree in the back yard would turn yellow or red and fall to the ground.  This was the outside play date opportunity of the year.  Hundreds of leafs lying around just begging to be played with and tossed around and jumped into.

For your children this can be the same exciting opportunity as it was for you as a kid.  Not to mention a few perks that will help you in your yard work as an adult.  After all, having your children work together to rake a pile of leafs to jump into has just saved you the effort of doing the same thing.  Well, the raking of leafs part anyway.  But before child labor activists cry foul, let us fully examine and explore the opportunities that await a family that turns fall yard work into a fun activity.

Having the children in the yard while raking and collecting the leaves in the yard can have a lasting effect on family bonds and memories.  The time spent working together with parents can instill in some way a solid work ethic into children while simultaneously rewarding them for their efforts by allowing them the pleasure of playing in the leafs during the middle part of cleaning up the yard.  After the leaves have been gathered into piles, turn the kids loose for a while.  They may spread the leafs back out a little but after they are done playing the clean-up process can be restarted and finished.  By doing this a family can enjoy quality time together both during work and play.

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