Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Staying healthy throughout the holidays may feel impossible.  With good food, baked goods and family gatherings throughout this season, you may find it difficult to eat food that you know is good for your body and not overeat.

These tips may help you keep your body healthy throughout the holiday season. Although it can be difficult to change your holiday habits, you will feel much better throughout and after the holiday season than you have in past years.

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast. If you are starving yourself throughout the day to ensure that you enjoy your later meals, you may find that you overeat because you are starving when you sit down for your dinner.
  2. Keep your portion sizes under control. You may not be able to control the type of food that is served to you at a holiday meal, but you can definitely control how much food you are putting on your plate. Make sure that half of your plate is full of vegetables, a quarter of your plate is full of lean meat and a quarter of your plate is full of carbohydrates.
  3. Try making your own dishes rather than buying store bought dishes.  Cranberry sauce, for example, often has a high amount of sugar in it when you purchase it from the store.
  4. Only drink water. Drinking alcohol or juice means that you are going to be drinking more calories throughout your meals.
  5. Make sure that your guests are sent home with leftovers.  Make up some baggies or Tupperware to ensure that you are not left with a plethora of fattening holiday foods after your holiday meal.

Although the holiday season may not be your healthiest time of the year, do what you can to make this time more healthy than last year.  This way, you can enjoy the time that you have to spend with friends and family without feeling guilty about what you are eating or how you are eating.

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