Staying Active While Playing Inside

It can be hard to keep your children active when there is snow on the ground and the weather is not conducive with outside play. There may be some days throughout the winter that you can bundle up and head outside for a snow day.  But, what about those days when it is just too cold? Or the daunting task of bundling everyone up and then unbundling them when you get back is just too much? Keeping your kids active while staying indoors may take some creativity, but it is definitely possible.

  1. Duck Duck Goose – Playing this game inside can be a great way to get kids running around.  As they are running away from the goose, they probably won’t even realize that they are getting their exercise in for the day.
  2. Have a Dance Party – Turn up your kids favorite songs and start dancing.  Get in there with them and twirl, spin and wiggle to make sure they are excited about dancing and they enjoy the time that they spend dancing.
  3. Play Hopscotch – You can tape hop scotch squares onto your floor with some painters tape and play hopscotch with them.
  4. Build a Fort – Get out the extra blankets and help your kids get creative with their fort. After you build a fort with them, you can play games inside and outside of the fort.

Spending time stuck inside can be difficult in the beginning of the season. But, once you get into the hang of things and help your kids realize how much fun you can have inside, you may come to enjoy it. If your kids aren’t having fun with these games, try to incorporate what they love into a game. The time that you get to spend with your kids inside can be a great way to bond and get to know your kids.

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