Spring Break Ideas for Your Family

Spring Break is just around the corner for many kids, meaning that parents are about to lose five to six hours of their days that they usually get to themselves. Kids are heading home for the break and they’re bringing all of their energy and excitement with them. Well, all that energy has to go somewhere, so why not check out a few local events going on to keep the kids. The following are a few ideas on how to keep your family busy during Spring Break.

National Parks

Utah is full of them. The best time to visit arches is now through the beginning of May. It gets hot really fast down there so spring is the most comfortable time to take a day or two down in beautiful Moab. Utah is also home to Zion’s national park, Goblin Valley (where Galaxy Quest was filmed), and other parks. A $75 Utah Park Pass will get you into any of the 7 parks around the state.

Hogle Zoo

This iconic zoo in Salt Lake City offers a day with exotic animals, personal photography safaris and the help of experts can make your day into a fun and informational adventure. The best thing is, the sun and standing will exhaust your kids into a sweet slumber by the time you get home.

Neighborhood Parks

Neighborhood parks abound in Utah. It’s hard to travel anywhere in Utah Valley and not run into a green pasture perfect for people of any age. The smaller kids can play on the jungle gym while the bigger ones play a game of soccer or football on the grass.

Thanksgiving Point

You can always count on Thanksgiving Point to be doing something creative. They are offering Trilobite Treasures in April as well as tales for tots, cooking classes, and various gardening classes. Although each activity might not be popular for the group as a whole, you can sent the more responsible ones to activities they want to go to while you take the youngers to something fun for them.

These are just a few ideas to get the kids out of your house and burning energy during their Spring Break. Make the break memorable by bringing the family together for activities like these throughout the week.

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