Spending Quality Time With Your Kids

Spending Quality Time with Your Kids

Within family therapist David Code’s book, “To Raise Happy Kids Put Your Marriage First”, he claims that children are going to be the happiest and the most successful when they have an example of a healthy and functioning marriage. He claims that the children of parents who are obsessing over small details in their life will become demanding and dissatisfied.

Creating a loving and happy environment for your children will ensure that they are able to thrive and come to view the world around them in a healthy manner.  As parents, it is important that children feel that they are given enough time.  There are many parents that struggle finding a balance between providing their children enough time and providing their children too much time.

Much of the conflict over how much time should be spent with children comes from a struggle of how to spend that time. Spending quality time together in which your child can freely and safely express himself or herself is a great way to deepen the bond and improve the relationship with a child.  As you work on spending more time with a child, you may also want to focus on finding activities during which you can both have fun.  When you can both have fun together, you may find new ways to deepen your relationship.  Spending time with your children and ensuring that your children are raised in a healthy and happy environment is a great start on your path to being a great parent.

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