Just How High and Far Can Humans Jump?

Now that the Olympics are starting up, let’s take a look at some of the seriously impressive jumping that happens during the games! Olympic athletes show us the true potential that we as humans have, and are capable of doing truly awesome feats!

Here are the current world records for the High Jump and Long Jump.

1-Javier Sotomayor  of Cuba set the world record for the men’s high jump in 1993 with a jump of 2.45 meters, That is 8 feet! Most ceilings are about 7 ½ feet to 8 feet high. He could jump right onto the roof!

2- In 1991 American Mike Powell set the world record in the long jump by jumping 8.95 meters, that is 29 feet 4 inches! Mike Powell wouldn’t need to use the crosswalk to cross the street, he could just jump the entire thing!

This year’s Olympic jumping events will feature athletes from all across the globe who really know how to hop. Although it isn’t predicted that either of these records will be broke this year, expect athletes in the high jump to be jumping around 7 ½ feet and around 28 feet in the long jump.

Olympics showcase the best of the best, and give us the chance to view truly incredible feats. It really makes you appreciate the work that these people put into it in order to achieve so much.

While we at Jump Town don’t expect our customers to be able to jump quite that high, we do love watching the games and we sure do love jumping! It’s a fascinating way to see what our bodies are capable of. We hope you enjoy the Olympics this year!

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