Jumping-Good for Kids Health?

Jumping- Good for Kids Health?

It turns out that jumping around on an elastic surface isn’t just fun- it actually is good for your body. While bouncing around is still quite fun (trust us), the health benefits of doing it on a regular basis are well worth looking into, especially for kids.

Essentially, the act of jumping up and down give your body a good little workout which creates health benefits for you. Here are some of the benefits of jumping on a regular basis:

1-      Fit Heart. Since the exercise is cardiovascular in nature, it works out your heart in a healthy and organic way.

2-      Stronger Core. Jumping uses the core muscles to jump and land alike.

3-      Improved Coordination. Jumping around causes you to develop better coordination overall.

4-      Stronger Lymphatic System. Jumping stimulates the lymphatic system, reducing the overall amount of toxins.

5-      Less Premature Aging.

6-      Stronger Muscles and Bones. These will develop as a direct result of the jumping motions, since the muscles and bones need to absorb and dispel impact and flex in order to power the body back up.

7-      Leaner Body. The cardiovascular exercise is greater for developing a leaner body.

8-      Weight Loss. Again, exercise is good for stimulating weight loss as well as increasing physical ability.

9-      Lower Blood Pressure. Better blood flow will result in better blood pressure levels overall as a result of the exercise.

As you can see, jumping around is great for your body! And it’s fun. Did we mention that it’s fun? Because it’s awesome.

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