How Are Inflatable Bounce Houses Made?

If you’ve ever brought a bounce house to one of your birthday parties or the birthday party of one of your children, you know how much fun they can be. Bounce houses can provide hours and hours of entertainment for young children who love simply bouncing up and down. Many bounce houses contain obstacle courses and activities that provide children with something else to do besides just bouncing.

You may have jumped inside a bounce house, but have you ever wondered how bounce houses are made? First of all, the first bounce houses were invented and used in the 1960’s. The way that designers start making a bounce house is by coming up with a concept and putting it on a computer. The designer than sends the pattern to a pattern cutter, who cuts the pattern of the bounce house that was on the computer.

The pattern cutter is a computer-guided circular razor that cuts out the pattern of the bounce house. The best kind of material for a bounce house is vinyl, which is a kind of plastic. The plastic is then sewed together and then inflated, creating a bounce house that is very enjoyable for children. The plastic must be colored in order to be a color that is eye-catching to children. Most bounce houses are in bright colors like reds, oranges, and yellows.

The process of creating a bounce house can seem complicated to some, but it is in fact quite simple. The process finalizes when a finished bounce house is made and is available for people to rent or buy.

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