Highest Jumping Animals

We all know there are human beings who can jump to great heights. We see them in the Olympics and other arenas, enchanting us with their superior athletic ability. But have we ever thought about animals that can jump that high? Here are a few of the animals in the animal kingdom who can jump the highest.

One of the highest jumping animals alive is the copepod. Copepods are weird little creatures that live in the deep and dark parts of the ocean. They are usually about 1 or 2 millimeters in length, so they are very, very small. They can jump around 500 body lengths per second in order to avoid becoming dinner for one of the many predators in the bottom of the ocean. Copepods have the strongest leg muscles of any animal in the world, including humans.

Another animal that has great jumping abilities is the bharal. Bharals live in the Himalayan mountains and look like medium-sized sheep. Bharal jump across rocks in order to escape from snow leopards that are trying to kill and eat them. Bharals also have large horns that make them quite intimidating animals.

Rabbits are an animal that can also jump very high. They are known to jump many times their body length. People often keep rabbits as pets and enter them into jumping competitions, just like horses.

Red kangaroos are also famous for being able to jump great distances. Red kangaroos can jump up to 30 feet in one single leap. They are native to and live in Australia.

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