Helping Your Kids Make Good Friends

Now that your children are back in school, you may want to do more than equip them with new clothes this year.  Equipping your children with the necessary skills to make good friends can be a great way to help your children succeed this year.  Being surrounded with positive influences is very beneficial for children.

Here are some great ways that you may be able to help your children make beneficial friends this school year…

-Teach your child positive conversational skills.  You want to make sure that your children know how to engage with other people.  Teach them to ask questions and be genuinely interested in the lives of others.

-Show your children how to create positive relationships by doing it yourself. Take the time that you need to talk with friends in front of your children and let your children see the progression of friendships in your life.

-Teach your child about self-confidence and humility. You want your children to be able to be confident enough to talk to others but they should know how to reach out to others and stay humble as well.

-Plan play dates with children that your child shares common interests with.  As you create these play dates, you can be sure that your child is able to explore the interests that he or she is most interested in.

As a parent you can have a large influence on your child’s ability to make and maintain friendships.  Do all that you can to help your child make and maintain positive relationships with friends this school year.

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