Helping Your Kids Do Well in School

Sitting inside and doing homework is torture for most school aged children.  Right outside their bedroom window await thousands of unknown adventures and good times found in the form of sports and mischief or friends and socializing.  Homework will undoubtedly take a back seat to the fun that can be had elsewhere.  So how can parents ensure that their children keep up with and excel in their school work?  The following are a few suggestions for parents that can help their kids stay on track and perhaps come to enjoy school work and learning.

Firstly and most importantly to achieving any goal is the formation and implementation of a reasonable plan.  Sit down with your children and discuss with them their work load and regularly assigned homework so that together you can map out time sufficient to accomplish their tasks.  Together, come up with a schedule that is sufficient to their needs and have them write it down.  Make it understood that they will be held accountable for how they use this time and suggest that they come up with a few rules that they will obey during this time.  For example, no cell phones or other electronics that do not contribute to education will be allowed during this time or other rules that will promote concentration and effort.

With goals and schedules clearly defined and written down, a parent’s role in their child’s educational development turns to an enabler and tutor.  The parent can become a knowledgeable cheerleader encouraging and tutoring wherever possible.  As you do this, avoid phrases that provide the child with an excuse such as “I’m not good at history” or “some people just weren’t made for math.”  While these comments may be made in an effort to encourage a struggling child they will provide a reason in their minds as to why they can’t accomplish a task and will lean on that excuse whenever problem areas arise.

Be supportive and offer a lot of encouragement as you help your child stick to educational goals while promoting and even rewarding success in their school work.

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