Health Benefits of Jumping

You may think that jumping on the bed or on a trampoline is just for kids, but recent research has shown that jumping can actually improve your physical and mental health. You do not have to jump on a trampoline in order to get your jumping in; you can jump using a jump rope just as easily.

One of the reasons jumping is so good for your health is because it gives you physical activity without the high impact of regular aerobics. Exercises like running are good for your heart and muscles, but put a lot of stress and tension on your knees and joints. Jumping strengthens the core of your muscles, including your abdominals.

Jumping also stimulates your lympathic system, which helps to reduce the amount of toxins that are flowing throughout your body. Jumping also helps reduce fatigue, and helps you to feel more energized and alive during the day.

Jumping up and down also helps to strengthen bones. This can help fend off the onset of osteoporosis later in life. The more you exercise and strengthen your bones now, the less chance you will have of developing osteoporosis or other bone diseases when you’re older.

Jumping also helps to tone your thighs and buttocks, which is sometimes a target area for individuals while working out. If you get bored while jumping trying jumping on one leg, or jumping with both legs together. This can help you to switch up the pace a little bit, and still get a great workout.

Jumping has many health benefits. Try it today and see how jumping can help you feel more in shape!
photo credit: wishymom (Stephanie Wallace Photography) via photopin cc

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