Don’t Eat This Before Jumping!

Your mom probably told you a million times that you should wait at least thirty minutes after you eat to go swimming. But, what about jumping? Surely throwing your body into the air over and over again has to warrant some type of dietary guideline. Although these rules may not be as well known, there are definitely some foods you are going to want to avoid before you start jumping.

  1. Sodas or other carbonated beverages create enough bubbles on their own in your stomach.  Jumping and moving around after drinking a carbonated drink is a recipe for disaster. The gas and bloating that can result in drinking and jumping will make you wish that you held off of drinking your carbonation until after you were done jumping.
  2. Eating French fries may seem innocent enough, but those sneaky French fries can slow you down. You may find that you can’t jump as high or that you are bloated and uncomfortable as you jump. Forego the friend foods before you jump.
  3. Sugary fruit juices or gels may give you a quick burst of energy, but they aren’t going to help you when you are pushing through another hour of jumping. If your sugary fruit juice is also citrusy, you are asking for big trouble. By consuming a citrusy sugary drink you are basically laying out the welcome mat for acid reflux or at least an upset stomach.

Be smart about what you eat before you head out to start jumping. Only eat the foods that will give you the best possible jumping experience and you may notice that jumping becomes much more enjoyable!

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