Benefits of Being Upside Down

As weird as it sounds, there are actually a wide variety of benefits for spending time upside down. The following are three examples of benefits you may need in your life.

Benefit #1: A Clear and Better Focused Mind

You first benefit from a refreshed blood flow to the brain. Instead of gravity pulling most of it to the lower part of the body, gravity now pulls it to your head.

The increased blood flow brings much needed oxygen and life to the brain. The more oxygen you get, the better your brain works. Getting into the habit of being upside down will help you refresh your mind.

Benefit #2: A Renewed Perspective

In life, when your world turns upside down, you always come out of the experience a renewed person, even if you think there is only shambles left. The shambles help you understand that the world isn’t as predictable as you once thought. You approach life with a better sense of appreciation and humble admiration for the finer things in life.

Literally turning upside down will often do the same for you. Instead of tearing you down though, it helps lift you up. You see the world from a different perspective, one that few people like to do for long. That new perspective can increase the sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around you. It can help you feel more confident about the endeavors you undertake.

Benefit #3: Relieved Back Pressure

For those that suffer from back pain, inverting your body can help relieve the normal aches and pains of everyday life. Your spine is able to decompress vertically, relieving the pressure of the weight of your upper body. Being upside down can be very therapeutic.

In inflatable bounce houses or on trampolines, one is upside down for only a few moments, but what’s to say those few moments won’t help the body out in the same ways? The difference might not be as profound, but consistent time spent jumping can have many of the same benefits as hanging from a bar could.

Of course safety is an issue to consider. Make sure to set boundaries to ensure no one gets hurt. Flips can actually be helpful when safety is taken care of.

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