A Fun and Safe Halloween for Your Kids

Halloween is a beloved holiday for most youngsters.  You get to dress up as a pirate or cowboy or princess and you get to stay up late and play outside.  Plus it is the one day a year where it is socially acceptable to knock on other people’s doors and ask them for candy.  And they actually give it to you!

Children across the nation look forward with positive yet trepid anticipation for the one night a year in which they not only get to dress up, and I mean really dress up, but also go door to door collecting sacks full of candy.  And while Halloween is meant to be a little scary, the prospect of letting these children run around at night by themselves is more than a little scary for most parents.  Still, Halloween can be both fun and safe for the entire family if a few precautions and safety tips are followed.

One of the major safety tips to consider for this Halloween is to ensure that your children do not go unsupervised while trick-or treating.  If the children are under the age of ten, then you the parent should accompany them.  If the kids are older than ten years and want to go with a group of friends, make sure that at least one adult is going as well.

A safe Halloween also extends to a child’s costume.  Light colors or reflective colors should be used as well as reflective tape to ensure drivers and others can easily see the child in the dark.  Additionally, with the common use of candles for decorations during Halloween, a child’s costume should be made from flame resistant material.  By following these few safety tips a family can have a fun and, more importantly, a safe Halloween.

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