4 Backyard Games Your Kids Will Love

As the weather continues to warm up, don’t be afraid to take your kids outside to play. Getting some fresh air and letting your kids get some exercise outside is a great way to keep your kids healthy and happy. If you are having a hard time coaxing your kids outside, these games may be exactly what you need to make your backyard enticing…

-Create a backyard obstacle course. Create an obstacle course that is challenging but conquerable. Make them run, swing, jump, climb, crawl or even summersault through different portions of the course.

-Learn a new variation of tag and play it with your kids. Get them excited about a new game of tag and get out there with them to play.

-Play hide and seek. This classic game is a great one to play if you have a fenced in backyard. Your kids may be more excited than you would think to play this favorite.

-Draw a hopscotch grid. When you draw your grid you can write fun activities in each of the squares. For example, you may want the last square to read “dance” then each person that makes it to the last square gets to dance.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box to get your kids outside. Making sure that your kids spend time outside moving and playing is a great way to ensure that they get the most out of these summer months.

photo credit: DarkElfPhoto via photopin cc

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